Keeper/Receiver Services

for Banks and Attorneys Representing Financial Institutions

court1When control of a property becomes an issue of the court system, attorneys and judges need a strong and proven manager to protect the asset while ownership or bankruptcy is worked out. Known as a “Receiver,” (or “Keeper” under Louisiana law) this manager must have a proven track record of success to assure all parties that the property will be properly protected throughout any court proceedings.

NAI Latter & Blum Property Management has a proven track record of success in property management, along with extensive experience as Receiver/Keeper on a wide variety of property types and sizes.

As licensed real estate brokers, general contractors, and being an Accredited Management Organization (AMO®) by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM®), we have the expertise required to handle a variety of situations, including the management, leasing, or redevelopment of under-performing real estate. 

We will determine the property’s value and position in the marketplace and make recommendations to increase the value, which will result in the best return on investment. We can also market and sell the property during the keepership period.

In the case of foreclosure, we will manage the property, lease and improve the building as needed, and sell it for the best possible price.

Our Keeper/Receiver Services Include:

  • Assessing the Overall Condition of the Property
  • Stabilizing the Operations of the Property
  • Providing Recommendations to Protect the Asset
  • Making Repairs/Improvements
  • Ensuring Tenant Retention
  • Carrying out orders of the Court
  • Providing Monthly Financial Reports
  • On-Site Property Management
  • Creating Strategic Plans
  • Marketing and Preparing Vacancies for Lease
  • Renewing Existing Tenants when Lease Approaches Expiration
  • Developing Marketing, Advertising, Leasing and Exit strategies

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