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7 Steps To Make Your Rental Property Ready for Summer

for rent blogSummertime is a hot market for rental properties, literally. Preparing your rental for the summertime heat is a great measure to lure new tenants in and keep them happy and comfortable. These tips will help get your rental ready for the heat, and they are also great preventative measures to avoid issues that could cost you a lot of money down the road.
1. Inspect Air Conditioning Unit- After not being used for almost a year, it’s a good idea to check the a/c unit so your tenants will be cool all summer long. The first step is to change the filter, which is generally located in the blower unit. You should also make sure the external condenser has room to breathe, with a minimum of two feet of clear space around the unit.

2. Check Interior Airflow and Ductwork- Make sure that all vents are open, moving any furniture, rugs or other obstructions that could be blocking airflow. You should also look at the ductwork for mold or excessive dust. It might be easiest to hire a company for this specialized cleaning.

3. Prep Windows and Doors for A/C Use- You should check all doors and windows for gaps. Closing any gaps ensures the cold air will stay in the building and decreases utility costs.

4. Clean Dryer Vents- If the property has a laundry room, you’ll want to clean out the dryer vents to prevent a dryer fire. Simply unhook the dryer duct and remove any dust and lint.

5. Test Smoke Detectors- It’s a good measure to test the smoke detectors regularly, and you might as well do it while you’re there prepping the home for the heat!

6. Remove Dust From Fans- After not being used for months, dust builds up on ceiling fans. You don’t want your tenants to get doused in dirt when they turn it on!

7. Spruce Up the Yard- The landscaping will likely need a little work once it livens up from the warmer weather. Making sure you keep up with the yard work makes your property attractive to prospective renters.

Now that you’re rental is ready for the heat, sit back by the pool and enjoy the weathe