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D.I.Y. Rental Remodel

Who doesn’t love DIY shows? We all know sprucing up your home can greatly increase the value, so why not put in a little elbow grease to get the most our of your rental property? Here are a few renovation tips that can make your rental look great and increase your investment.
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  1. Flooring-  No one likes old, dirty carpet or cheap, ugly linoleum. While hardwood and tile may be more expensive, good tenants look for quality flooring during their rental search. By replacing old carpet and linoleum with quality flooring will attract a whole new set of renters.
  2. White Paint- Clean and simple, white is the way to go. Obviously repainting the interior walls after every tenant moves out is a great idea. White paint gives prospective tenants a clean slate for them to put their style into the property even more than beige or cream, and using high quality paint will keep your walls safe from everyday wear.
  3. New Fixtures- Simple changes can make the biggest difference. No one wants a dirty, moldy shower head when they move into a new home. Changing the shower head and faucets are simple fixes that add a lot of appeal to renters. Similarly, changing cabinet handles to more modern styles is also attractive to prospective tenants.
  4. Reface Kitchen Cabinets- Instead of completely replacing old kitchen cabinets, refacing them is an easy, inexpensive way to make the kitchen pop and give it the modern appeal tenants are looking for.
  5. Go Green- Shiny new appliances are not only attractive, but upgrading to more energy efficient models shows that you care about the environment and are trying to keep utility costs down.
  6. Curb Appeal- Don’t forget the outside, it’s the first thing people see! Cleaning up the yard - trimming shrubs, planting a few flowers, and keeping the lawn mowed - creates an inviting landscape that’s the perfect way to get people in the door.
Remodeling doesn’t mean months or years of renovation. Just a few simple and inexpensive changes to your rental property can make all the difference!