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Why Louisiana Real Estate Investors Work with Latter & Blum Property Management

When real estate investors in New Orleans and Gulf South are looking for professional property management, many of them turn to Latter & Blum. There is a long list of reasons to work with us, and today we’re concentrating on three of the things that set us apart from other management companies in the area.

Focus on Net Operating Income (NOI)

You’ve probably heard of ROI, or Return on Investment. We think that’s important. However, Net Operating Income, or NOI, is just as important. When your NOI increases, the value of your investment increases. Our approach to property management ensures that your wealth increases, your expenses stay minimal, and your overall experience is a positive and profitable one. We understand the value of income property, and we expertly manage the entire lifecycle of your investment. Our proactive attention to your investment goals will help you earn more and increase the value of your asset.

Talented Team and Local Experience

At Latter & Blum, we are one of the largest third party management companies in Gulf South. We have more certified property managers on staff than any other company in the region. We are locally based, which means we understand the market and stay ahead of the changes. We are a one-stop shop for all of your real estate and property management needs. We manage each property professionally, and as a third party management firm, we are never in competition with our clients.

Our entire staff has an excellent reputation in the community, and we establish relationships that serve your property better. This is especially beneficial when you need maintenance. Our list of approved vendors is always growing, and we can negotiate better prices for the work your property needs, based on the volume of work we provide and the relationships we have in place.

Innovative Technology

Technology is one of our strengths, and it allows us to take care of your rental properties with more efficiency and transparency. We use state of the art property management software, which ensures you know what’s happening at your property at all times. The technology we employ allow us to completely customize our real estate management plan for you, based on your property’s needs and your investment goals.

If you’re looking for a company with the resources of a big corporation but the service model of a small business, contact us at Latter & Blum Property Management. We’d be happy to tell you more about our New Orleans property management services.