Institutional investors have the opportunity to do very well in a market like New Orleans, especially if they have the right help. If you’re working with a team that understands the value of income producing property and has the experience and the local market knowledge to help you succeed, there’s no telling what you can achieve. Today, we’re discussing some of the benefits of working with a local management company if you’re an institutional investor buying property in New Orleans and the Gulf South.

Real Estate Investing: One Stop Shopping

You don’t have time to shop around for all the different services and partners that you’ll need for successful real estate management. It’s better to work with a company that can handle everything for you. At Latter & Blum, we are experienced and knowledgeable in everything from the real estate market to construction and leasing. We handle everything in the investment cycle for you – from start to finish. This takes a lot of pressure off you, and allows us to operate more efficiently on your behalf.

Understanding Net Operating Income

Everyone understands ROI, but a great management company will help increase your NOI – or Net Operating Income. That’s an important number. Whether you are focused on residential real estate or commercial real estate, we know how to help you earn more. We’ll increase the value of your asset and drive up shareholder wealth.

Better Service and Management of Rental Properties

You need a team that can advise you on capital improvements, find and select the best tenants, and attract additional income to your portfolio. As a third party real estate management firm, we are objective, professional, and resourceful. We’re not in competition with you – we’re your partners. Every property we manage is considered your most important investment. We protect and grow everything you place in our hands.

If you’re interested in a New Orleans property management company that’s experienced, philanthropic, and leaders in the industry, contact us at Latter & Blum. We work with institutional investors like you all the time, and we help them earn more and worry less.