Man holding a city in handMany real estate developers have found that investing in apartment communities, multiplexes, and other residential properties offer an excellent return on investment that continues to pay off year after year. Here are a few key items to know when purchasing a commercial property.

The Investment Process

If you’ve never invested in commercial real estate before, you surely have plenty of questions about the process. A qualified commercial broker can ease your reservations and guide you through the process, answer your questions, and provide advice for the smoothest transaction possible. If you’re concerned about the additional steps that come with a commercial property purchase, an experienced broker can help you navigate them, including sorting out any red tape you may encounter in your dealings. Most commercial real estate transactions are not all that complicated; they may require a few extra considerations, but nothing you won’t be able to navigate with a broker’s assistance.

Benefits of Commercial Real Estate Investments

Commercial real estate investments come with many perks. First, this type of investment typically offers a high return on investment, often between 6 and 12 percent. Second, owners of commercial properties can rest easy knowing that tenants will properly maintain their space. Businesses have to keep a neat storefront or professional looking office to attract and retain their clients, which means there’s a high likelihood that they’ll take care of the space they’re renting from you. Finally, commercial properties offer flexibility in lease terms, so you’ll find that you may have some freedom when it comes to rent requirements, security deposit limits, and other expenses. Your tenants can also sign different types of leases, such as triple net leases, so you may be able to pass on many of these costs to the tenant.

If you’ve always shied away from commercial real estate investing but have come face-to-face with a great deal, don’t let your fears allow you to pass up a great opportunity for more income. Commercial investments are easier than you think, so contact your commercial real estate broker today to start investing!!