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Three Significant Impacts of Technology on Property Management and Real Estate Rentals

Pay Rent and Manage Property Online Image - Latter & Blum Property Management

Pay Rent and Manage Property Online Image - Latter & Blum Property ManagementTechnology has made life easier for people in many ways, not least of all by making the often stressful process of shopping for a home or apartment to rent much smoother. The use of modern tools like smartphones has made the process easier for buyers, sellers, and renters, alike. These are the three most significant ways that technology has changed the real estate industry.

Impact #1: Latter & Blum Property Management offers tenant services online including rent payment and maintenance requests. Along with this, the company offers owner portals for property owners to monitor their listings online, too. This high-tech approach to lease payments and maintenance requests makes life that much easier for both commercial and residential tenants . The secure online portals are available 24/7, so requests can be made and payments can be submitted at any time.

Impact #2: Information is readily available to help renters with their home search. It’s easier than ever for buyers to access listings and narrow down their list of potential homes without even leaving their living room. Latter & Blum Property Management uses this technology to offer online information on commercial property for lease, as well as apartments and single family homes.  This use of technology speeds up the entire buying and renting process, bringing well informed commercial and apartment tenants to our skilled leasing agents, and leading us to the next major impact of technology on the industry.

Impact #3: Technology has allowed real estate and property leasing agents to move more properties in a shorter amount of time. Mobile devices allow busy agents to take care of much of their business on the go. Tasks that once had to be performed in-office can now be done virtually anywhere with a data connection. Mobile technology allows agents to provide buyers and sellers with the access to real-time updates and transaction information they demand.

Technology has had a major impact on buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and property leasing agents, making the home shopping and buying or renting processes easier and more efficient for everyone. Forecasters expect the industry to continue to move more and more toward an entirely digital home buying process to keep up with the needs of a modern generation of buyers and renters.