Latter & Blum has been serving the New Orleans real estate market for 100 years. We have grown into one of the largest real estate brokerages in the country, and our property management services are supported by all this real estate knowledge and experience. Today, we’re sharing a few reasons why you should consider working with Latter & Blum when you need help renting and maintaining your real estate investment.

Size and Experience

Size matters when it comes to resources, access, and marketing. As one of the largest third party property management companies in gulf south, we are able to provide you with more local market knowledge and property management expertise than any other company. We have more certified property managers on our team than any other company in the area, and they are available and accessible whenever you need them.

Maintenance and Repairs

We take your investment seriously, and we do everything we can to preserve its condition and increase its value. When you need maintenance or a tenant requests a repair, we’ll dispatch one of the best vendors in the region. Our list of approved vendors is outstanding for owners like you because we’re able to negotiate lower rates based on the volume of work we give to plumbers, electricians, contractors, and even painters and cleaners. When you work with us, you can take advantage of these relationships that we already have in place.

Software and Technology

Our team is innovative when it comes to technology and communication. We use the best state of the art software available in the property management industry, and that helps us deliver our services better. You’ll have total transparency and accountability, and all of our transactions and financials will be accurate, timely, and easy to understand.

Reputation and Relationships

We have a great reputation in the community and the real estate industry. We’re known for customizing our management plans based on your unique needs and desires. It won’t take you long to realize we have exceeded your expectations and made your experience as a landlord a lot less stressful and more profitable.

As we celebrate our 100th year in business, we invite you to talk to us about your rental properties and your investment goals. If there are any questions we can answer about New Orleans property management, please contact us at Latter & Blum Property Management.